Win32Whois 0.9.5

Here it is, long waited for 0.9.5 release. I took my time with this considering how many fixes and improvements that went in. See the details for the juicy bits...

Fri Apr 22 15:19:16 2005 - Comments

Win32Pad and Win32Whois Status

I have been coding a Yahoo IM plugin for Miranda IM. And a brand new release 0.4 of Miranda IM just came out. So go and check it out. Also I have been researching a lot of different and exciting things for my applications. These include various fixes and improvements that you have been asking and patiently waiting for.

Thu Apr 14 11:25:24 2005 - Comments

Win32Whois 0.9.4

Here is another release that addresses some of the reported issues as well as adds a couple of small features.

Tue Mar 8 23:04:00 2005 - Comments

Win32Whois 0.9.3

Here is a release i am really excited about. I took my time to make sure that this release will rock. Let me know what you think. :)

Tue Mar 1 10:41:45 2005 - Comments

Win32Whois 0.9.2

I am happy to release win32whois 0.9.2 The biggest feature for this release is the basic Proxy support.

Tue Jan 11 22:27:04 2005 - Comments

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