Win32Whois 0.9.5

Here it is, long waited for 0.9.5 release. I think i answered most of the requests that have been submited. I have added XP and multi-user support. Had a small hickup that had to be addressed on Windows 98 (Thanks Lotedelere). Other improvements like better focus handling and lots of code cleanup and fixes. It's a rather exciting release.

Changes since 0.9.4:
+ Added code to be Windows XP compliant. It will read/write to user's Application directory if win32whois.ini
is not found in the same directory as win32whois.exe
+ Updated kz domain whois server [I wasn't able to test it, but it's the one provided by the TLD]
x Fixed WordWrap, wasn't setting it properly on startup.
x Fixed various focus issues. Hopefully found all of them.
x Results parsing performance improvements.
x Code cleanup: removing some unused variables and rewriting some internal pieces.
x Fixed a bunch of bugs.

P.S. Enjoy. :)


Fri Apr 22 15:19:16 2005
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