Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to wish everybody a great, happy and healthy 2005.

Sun Jan 2 0:14:13 2005 - Comments

Win32Whois Status

Current status of Win32Whois program. Read the details for full info.

Mon Dec 27 10:26:53 2004 - Comments

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mon Dec 27 10:23:39 2004 - Comments

Win32Pad 1.5.7

Here is a long waited bugfix release. I have tried to address some of the reported issues and release them now and push experimental stuff for a later release.

Sun Dec 5 20:47:15 2004 - Comments

Win32Whois 0.9.1

Here is another long waited release. I have cleaned up the UI a bit and fixed up the back-end code. Enjoy.

Sun Nov 7 22:20:50 2004 - Comments

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