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Author Topic: Win32Pad v2.x  (Read 224349 times)
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« Reply #45 on: October 17, 2002, 04:00:36 pm »

Always On Top  has been in Win32Pad for some time. Look in the "System" menu or right click Win32Pad button on the taskbar you should see an option for "Always on Top"

« Reply #46 on: November 05, 2002, 03:32:53 pm »

In grungy old NotePad, if the first text in the file is '.LOG', the current date-time will be appended to the end of the existing file each time it is opened, and the cursor placed after that date-time string ready for appending more text to the file.

Unfortunately, (at least in W2K) once the file grows gets too big, an error occurs, and the date-time is not written out, though one still can append text  8-(

I use this to enable clients to keep a simple journal accessed from a desktop shortcut, training them to document their e-experiences rather than just verbally whining.  They quickly pick up on copying/cutting from their journal and pasting into an email message when needed.

They really like this seemingly simple but friendly capability.  Is this functionality planned for inclusion in WinPad?

It really is more popular than its simplicity would suggest ...

WinPad is a great program, even without .LOG functionality!
« Reply #47 on: November 18, 2002, 07:24:05 pm »

Gennady, thanks for a great program. V1.2.1 seems to do nearly everything I wanted V1.1.4 to do.


1. When saving a new file the default directory is always the directory where win32Pad is installed. The ability to change this default, or alternatively to remember where the last file was saved to would be good.

2. Double-clicking links seems to go slightly against the single-click orthodoxy.

3. It would be handy if the links to this forum and your web-page in the about box were actual links.

4. It would be lovely to be able to change the colours of links, and maybe even the colour of the highlighted area.

Having said that I'd better add my name to the list of those clamouring to keep it small. I'm sure you will. Of my four things only the first is anything more than aesthetic nit-picking.

Thanks again.
« Reply #48 on: November 18, 2002, 08:24:09 pm »

One other thing that would be truly wonderful: a word count function...
« Reply #49 on: November 25, 2002, 06:19:38 pm »

Thank's for a great (I mean small) program. I like the wordwrap function and looks forward for the possibility of numberd lines. Please don't let the program grow to be a big and feature rich one. It's strength is the size.
« Reply #50 on: December 06, 2002, 07:41:56 am »


All I want to say is that you did a great job with this tiny program. I really love it. I use Win2000 and Linux Mandrake on the same machine, and my editor of choice for windows is now win32pad. All the work that I have to do I use this nice editor. Features that I like the most are customizable colours for background and font and File Format. Last one is really useful for me because I have to work with some txt files in linux and also in windows. I really need this feature, thanx for it.

I also like the Always on top feature.

It would be nice if you do a feature like Change Language (as I seen in RegCleaner or in Windows Commander) and also something like Edit Current Language. I would like to translate the menu in Romanian, my native language.

And a question: where is the Help file? The program can't find it. Is not in executable file?

Anyway, thank again. You did a great job.
Keep up the good work.
« Reply #51 on: December 10, 2002, 09:08:01 am »

It's a great piece of focussed software, which adresses a real need. Keep it simple.

One change I would suggest - The filters for opening files could be improved - at this stage it defaults to *.txt, which is a pain when you are searching for *.py, or *.cpp, or whatever ... :D
« Reply #52 on: December 10, 2002, 02:54:02 pm »

Thanks very much for an excellent program! Very well done!!

There is only one thing I would like changed and it's a big one for me. Hools mentioned it earlier:

"When saving a new file the default directory is always the directory where win32Pad is installed. The ability to change this default, or alternatively to remember where the last file was saved to would be good."

It would be very very good!

Thanks again!

I bow to you.
« Reply #53 on: December 18, 2002, 10:39:46 am »

Excellent editor; I recommend it to my students, link to your site on my Resources Page, and keep a copy on all my working Zip disks as my "portable" editor to use in computer labs and classroom podiums.

Wish List:

1. Escape sequence to insert control codes, specifically page breaks in source code files.
Example: Ctrl-P+L in Win/DOS EDIT.COM

2. "Print Preview" requested elsewhere; I second the motion! Printer abuse and paper waste is a problem in school computer labs and I constantly encourage Print Preview where it is available.
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« Reply #54 on: January 14, 2003, 06:46:07 am »

Hi there!
Win32pad is still a great program!
Here is a list of things that maybe could be in a future version of win32pad.

*When click on the save icon when the file is already saved, it could open 'save as...' dialog.
*When opening an empty file and then closes win32pad I do not wont to click do not save this file...
*Bug: When in the change font dialog, change the font and hit cancel (do not hit ok). The font is then change anyway...
*The ability to show the line number on the left side.
*Bug: When I have selected full path in title' and then drag a file from to a shortcut to win32pad it shows the dosname of the file (name 8 char . extention 3 char). If I open the file from win32pad or drops the file in an open window it does not do this. I use winNT.
*Could it be possible to have more than *.txt in the dropdown? Preferably even to have an other as default.
*Tabs in the program window. MDI.


« Reply #55 on: January 22, 2003, 08:55:37 am »

1) After the file is loaded, or "reverted".......if zero changes is made, the revert button should be disabled.

2) Can we have an option to minimize to taskbar?.....if not enabled, it default minimize to system tray.

3) No sure if this is a bug or feature. But if you search for a string, say "ABCDE", and it is the only instance in the file. After you found it, if the search direction is "DOWN".......there is no response. If the search direction is "UP", there is a prompt of "Search string not found". Keep the "wrap around" feature when searching......it is extremely useful.

4) Could the word "Revert" be renamed as "Reload from file" ?? ....seems clearer (in my view)

5) When revert, the popup window could be more informative.  Eg.  Warning! You have made some changes to the file.  Do you wish to discard the changes and reload? ..........or a simple "Reload from file" in the titlebar of the popup window for revert will be good too.

6) More filters, php, cpp, c, asp, htm*. Remember last filter used.

7) Option to prompt before launching "Execute". There are times where I find it useful to prompt, and times where I dun wan it to prompt. Togglable will be good.  :)

Keep up the good work !!  :laugh:
« Reply #56 on: February 03, 2003, 03:17:33 pm »


You have a nice little program.

Bugs in 1.2.1:
- If the end of the last line contains an url (and highliting is enabled) then the click area for the link extends to the end of the window
- If the following line is empty then selecting a line with shift+down actually selects two lines
- Indent/Outdent command indents also one extra line after the selection
- Indent/Outdent doesn't always work at the near end of the file
- File menu goes pretty wide when there are recent files. Maybe you should cut longer lines (hide part of the directory structure), but some information would be lost..
- Statusbar has the text "Ready...". Why is that?

Small layout suggestion: the text area doesn't need that extra black border in addition to the already present (and sufficient and not so glaring) gray one.

(Following contains some is repetition, sorry)
Features for 2.x:
- Keep size/startup time small -> very important. That is the reason I use this program: it is lite.
- Option to add custom file extensions. (Like many have requested)
- Unicode support (UTF-8, UTF-16 (at least big-endian, maybe little-endian too)). At this time and age this should probably be a must. =) (For more, see: http://www.iana.org/assignments/character-sets)
- Remeber last save/load directory

Nice but not necessary features:
- Additional user selectable colors: (in addition of what has been said) current line highlighting
- Warning messages should be toggleable: I don't want to be notified of saving when exiting if I didn't have any specific file open that had changes; warnings about large files; files that are binary or contain null characters; etc.
- User customization of the toolbar
- Transparency for the whole program (only works on 2k and XP)
- Tabs for multible files. (Hidden when only one open.)
- Don't include syntax highlighting. There are a lot of syntax highlighting editors out there that might be better suited for coding anyways (for example free: AEdiX Suite, ConTEXT, Crimson, Source Edit, jEdit. commercial: UltraEdit, EditPad Pro). Also this only should be implemented with external syntax highlighting files that could be added/updated/removed independently of the main program.
- If you implemented syntax highlighting then people would also want per language/per file extension macros, external commands (with console output capture) and insertion templates. :p
- Plugin system with the possibility that plugins could do syntax highlighting, spell checking, external console windows, code structure trees (ctags), etc. would be nice.. but might be freaking hard to do adequately well. (For implementation see jEdit.)

Please ignore few suggestions from xaaran. They counter expected usability.
   - Word wrap option should be accessible from menu. This is used so often that hiding it in options dialog would make it too cumbersome.
   - Drag&drop should open the dropped file. Only if it is just text should it be copied/inserted to the current file.
   - Integration to external email client would probably fail, at least auto copy of the text is impossible. (You could leave the selected text to the clipboard, though.) I have seen text editors that have had internal email clients.. I don't wish to use those. (If there would be a plugin structure for extra features someone could very well make an email plugin. No objections for that.)
   - Autocomplete sounds nice but would work only with customized file extension. I definitely would want to limit the editor to making suggestions to only a very specific case. Maybe only in the case that you press a shortcut key?

P.S. Sorry about the length, errors and hard to read text.  :p
« Reply #57 on: February 03, 2003, 03:46:26 pm »

Couple additions:

If xaaran ment that word wrap just be put under the Tools menu that is OK and recommended. (You know, your current contents of Tools menu could be put under Options menu instead.. But you also could make it a real Tools menu and add user customizable external commands under there.)

Even though I said no syntax highlighting you might still check if using ctags would make this a very easy thing to accomplish. Then by all means add that. (I like syntax coloring.. But there is more to a good editor..  :) )
And maybe use the same file format for (programming) languages as some of the other free editors so that they would be widely available.. (With the permission of the author of course.)
« Reply #58 on: February 04, 2003, 04:36:42 am »

The first post in this thread was 8 feb 2002. So now we are nearly a year later...

What's the status of version 2.x ?
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« Reply #59 on: April 20, 2003, 08:15:27 am »

any updates on this? :)
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