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Results for PHP
Subject Started by Replies Views
Xdebug tutorial posted on Zend Developer ZoneGena01045129
General Update, Oracle and PHPGena01041138
Web 2.0 & Mashups at NYPHP meetingGena01042289
Installing Oracle Instant Client 11g and PECL OCI8 Gena01385241
Technical BooksGena01042907
NyPHP user group meeting - SEOGena01041207
NYPHP user group meeting: MySQL and SUNGena01038685
WebTechNY presentation videos and slidesGena01035743
Getting ready for PHP|Tek 2008Gena01037409
OCI 1.2.5 or upgrading Oracle Instant ClientGena01040166
Pecl OCI 1.3.0 Beta articlesGena01044749
Pear/Pecl website improvement ideas and suggestionsGena01146026
NyPHP user group meeting: Postgresql PlusGena01146006
Installing Oracle Instant Client and making it work with PHPGena01089571
The last day of PHP4Gena01074087
NYPHP meeting: WISP or Why a PHP Developer Should Care About MicrosoftGena01058869
NYPHP group meeting - Security and tamper proof URLsGena01039545
NyPHP and NyMySQL meetingsGena01049758
My Pear DB fork.Gena01054755
NYPHP: OWASP and JoomlaGena01051046
Testers wanted for upcoming release of PHP Pecl 1.3.5Gena01055058
Oracle Instant Client 11g on UbuntuGena010110930
Presenting at the next NYPHP Meetup on Tuesday Aug 25, 2009Gena010123685
CodeWorks 2009 NYCGena010120480
My recent learnings with Oracle Instant Client and OCI8 API.Gena010123506
Going to PHP Tek 2010 next week.Gena010115525
Oracle query validationGena010146677

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