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I am in the process of setting up some ad banners to the website. I do want to thank all those people who sent in their donations. I really appreciate every single donation that was made. Thank you guys and gals.

I know that some other people have wanted to help in some way without the ability to send in a donation. So I was looking for the next best thing. Those that have been visiting my website for a number of years know that I always tried to keep my website nice and clean. One thing I was looking into was ad banners. The problem is that there are lots of different ad banners some of which are more troublesome than others.

I have managed to find a company that allows me to pick the banners and make sure that I am happy with it. One great thing about this company is that you get great discounts through the banners. So please don't block banners and do try to click them.

Thank you for visiting and for your support.

I am anxious to hear your comments/ideas.

Gena01 (your webmaster)

Sun Sep 25 23:24:36 2005
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