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Author Topic: Testers wanted for upcoming release of PHP Pecl 1.3.5  (Read 62126 times)
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« on: March 16, 2009, 10:34:40 am »

Last week Christopher Jones (http://blogs.oracle.com/opal/) from Oracle pinged me about a patch I submitted a while back. The patch enables basic Oracle Instant Client detection during configure stage. The patch was meant to simplify install/upgrade of Pecl OCI8 module. After a number of revisions and improvements we have a working test version that will become OCI8 1.3.5.

Christopher also posted a number of blog entries on the changes:
  • Test OCI8 before I release PECL OCI8 1.3.5 (http://blogs.oracle.com/opal/2009/03/test_oci8_before_i_release_pec.html)
  • The PHP "./configure --with-oci8" Option in Detail (http://blogs.oracle.com/opal/2009/03/the_php_configure_withoci8_opt.html)

This should also really simplify the installation/upgrade process if you are using "pear install pecl/oci8". It should basically install without requiring any user intervention if your Oracle environment is setup properly.

Update #1: Pecl OCI8 1.3.5 is released: http://pecl.php.net/package/oci8

Update #2: Christopher Jones posted more articles on the topic:
  • PECL Install Prompts Explained, With Particular Reference to OCI8 (http://blogs.oracle.com/opal/2009/03/pecl_install_prompts_explained.html)
  • PHP PECL OCI8 1.3.5 is available (http://blogs.oracle.com/opal/2009/03/php_pecl_oci8_135_is_available.html)

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