Win32Whois 0.9

Here is the long awaited release of win32whois. I have spent the time cleaning the code up and rewriting the back-end. I have also added INI file support for storing history and options. I have reworked the code and removed the dependency on the iphlpapi.dll.

Changes since 0.8:
+ Improved information display.
+ You can now disable Domain, Reverse IP and Abuse information retrieval.
+ Better handling of the recent domains/ips list.
+ Added win32whois.ini file support to store the configuration and last used lis t. (up to 100)
+ Updated list of TLD servers.
+ Removed the code dependant on IPHLPAPI. That DLL is not used/needed any more.
+ About dialog code cleanup.
+ Improved server parsing and error reporting. Should resolve some of the report ed issues.

P.S. Enjoy.


Tue Sep 28 20:23:11 2004
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