Win32Pad Status

I've been busy with trying to fix most of the known issues and trying to implement various requested improvements.

Here is a little changelog to get you guys excited:
+ Added code to be Windows XP compliant. It will read/write to user's Application directory if win32pad.ini is not found in the same directory as win32pad.exe
+ Added Windows XP Theme support.
+ New Option: Insert Date/Time vs Time/Date
+ Fixed the explorer crash removing the tray icon.
x Fixing support for Paste.
x Fixed Favorites handling between instances.
x Fixed a small glitch with parsing favorite paths.
x Optimized Line Numbers drawing code.
x Code cleanup.

P.S. I am looking at fixing/improving the Print support. It's a rather big and rather annoying issue. Got lots of other stuff I am playing with. I am however going to try to fix the more important things first and cut the release and then introduce the other improvements.

Thank you for your patience and for using my software.


Thu Jun 23 15:14:28 2005
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