Win32Pad 1.5.8

Here it is, long awaited Wi32Pad release. I know it took a little longer than expected, but I hope it's worth it.

Changes since 1.5.7:
+ Added code to be Windows XP compliant. It will read/write to user's Applicatio n directory if win32pad.ini is not found in the same directory as win32pad.exe
+ Added Windows XP Theme support.
+ Insert Date/Time vs Time/Date
+ Fixed the explorer crash removing the tray icon.
x Fixing support for Paste.
x Fixed Favorites handling between instances.
x Fixed where "Delete Line" was enabled for new/empty file.
x Fixed a small glitch with parsing favorite paths.
x Optimized Line Numbers drawing code.
x Code cleanup.

P.S. Enjoy. :)


Thu Jul 14 10:58:57 2005
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