MemUse 0.3

After a long long time i have finally went and updated MemUse. I want to thank those users who e-mailed me asking for updates and fixes. Frankly i wasn't sure how many people are still using it.

While I was on a roll i went and added lots of new and neat stuff like: XP Theme support, cleaned up the UI a little, added toggle option to show information in Kb and lots of other neat improvements and fixes.

Changes since 0.2:
+ Cleaned up the GUI.
+ Added Windows XP Theme support.
+ Added Readme.txt and Version Information to the executable.
+ Numbers are now formatted.
+ Added Physical and Virtual percentage values to the title of the window.
+ Added About window (which has links to official website and support information).
+ Added an option to show memory usage in KB.
x Fixed the code to show unsigned numbers. [Fixes the case of 1Gig RAM]

P.S. Enjoy and drop me a note if you are using this tool. Also I have 50 GMail invites available. First come, first serve ;-)


Tue May 24 16:32:56 2005
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