Win32Pad 1.5.1

Here is the long awaited Win32Pad release. Read more for details on this release.

Sun Jun 6 22:43:47 2004 - Comments

Win32Pad status

I am working on the new release. It should be released as soon as finish up a few last bits and pieces.

Mon May 24 10:43:27 2004 - Comments

Website Update

The website has been updated to a new design.

Wed Apr 7 21:31:50 2004 - Comments

Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

Have a Happy Passover and Easter!

Wed Apr 7 21:18:47 2004 - Comments

Site Moved/Forums Back Online.

Ok, the forums are back online and seem to be working fine.

Mon Mar 1 22:56:54 2004 - Comments

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