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Author Topic: Win32Pad 1.5.2 Feedback  (Read 66737 times)
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« Reply #15 on: June 21, 2004, 11:22:20 am »

"word gets highlighted when searched"

VIM has a 'Search Pattern Highlighting' function, hlsearch, that does that.  Maybe something could be gleaned from reviewing the sources.


"win32pad can't handle unicode files"

This is getting to be a bit more of a problem, especially on XP where unicode files are used more frequently (by MS).

"I can't find an option to print in a fixed-pitch font"

I never print from within Win32pad, but I gather unless told otherwise, print will just print out in the default font that the printer is set to?  Actually, what I would think it perhaps? should do is to print based upon the current font settings in effect.
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« Reply #16 on: June 23, 2004, 05:02:18 pm »

Gennady --

I've been using win32pad since June 2003, and like it a lot; and I appreciate that you keep tweaking it.

This might sound like an odd request, but I'd like to be able to hide the menu bar in order to help create a 'blind typing' mode.

I write fiction, and when I'm drafting I like to type rapidly and forget about technical details like spelling -- or even having to keep watching the monitor. Sometimes I lose what I've written because I accidentally hit a key combination and end up typing in a dialog field for five minutes; or I simply lose focus from the typing area so the keystrokes don't record.

I've set up a small macro program (Keytext) so it overrides most of the shortcut keys and changes them to 'Esc' -- which takes care of accidental dialog boxes. But I can't use that trick on the menu bar itself, because Alt-Space, Alt-E, Alt-V, Alt-T, and Alt-H can be activated as sequences, without holding the Alt key.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to deactivate all hotkeys and key combinations except Ctrl+S and just use the mouse context menu. But I'm hoping you'll consider making it possible to toggle the menu bar -- by adding it to the context menu &/or giving it a hotkey.

A few miscellaneous other things:

I'd find it useful to have win32pad create a simple backup file, one save behind.

I'd prefer if Shift+Tab didn't leave the line selected.

I often find it a little challenging to set the cursor at the beginning of a line with the mouse -- and this goes for all text editors -- but I think it would be ergonomically beneficial to double or triple the click-space between the selection bar and the initial character. People would become happier and more friendly, without knowing exactly why.

-- Marshall B.
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