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Author Topic: Microsoft and Apple keynote presentations.  (Read 58983 times)
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« on: January 22, 2007, 09:06:28 pm »

So I finally got a chance to watch Microsoft keynote and then the next day watched the Apple one. It was the first time for me to see a Microsoft keynote. Somehow Apple keynote speeches usually make lots of noise and get people talking all around. Another reason was that my dad came up to me and started telling me about all this exciting stuff Bill Gates has presented and talked about. This has hit a little thing in me, because I am usually on top of the latest happening esp in technology and computers.

Microsoft keynote was the first one I watched and I actually sat through the whole thing from the beginning through the end. What can I say... First of all I noticed the difference at how Bill Gates presented his point of view as well as the reactions from the audience. This is usually a great influencing factor considering that the  keynotes are live and they got lots of people listening and watching. Somehow the whole thing came out rather low note, quiet and they had to ask for people to clap. I guess that the big sign got broken or the driver is not available or something. Also somehow when I watch Apple presentations people are actually excited on stage. They show a lot of emotion and happiness. Not during this keynote. Yes, they tried to make some claims and present the latest and greatest stuff from Microsoft, but the whole experience left me with an after taste in my mouth. Hey, I was never a big Microsoft fan, but I tried to be impartial and at least try and see where they are coming from...

Apple keynote on the other hand was a different story. There's always excitement going around it and my sysadmin usually lets me know when a keynote is happening just so that I won't miss an event of a lifetime with a live website postings happening every couple of minutes. This time they came through with a great presentation that left people talking. I could hear people discussing the new iPhone on the other side of my cubicle. I've seen blog posts claiming that iPhone is the next best thing while others try to criticize and show their points. I am just curious to see what happens when it comes out and how people will react when they can touch it and feel it and play with it. I'll leave my point of view on the topic for another blog post.

Summary: Microsoft is trying hard to sell their products and push things onto people through their advertising and other means. I am also a bit skeptical as to how the whole Vista experience will be presented by Microsoft. Somehow I feel that Microsoft will try to sell it for all the wrong reasons, just like they always do and people who don't know better or don't have a choice will have to settle... again... Apple on the other hand is trying to excite the consumer to go and buy it not because it said so, but because it's a great new revolutionary thing.

This should be a rather interesting and exciting year...

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