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Author Topic: Quiet blog  (Read 52729 times)
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« on: April 23, 2008, 09:42:45 pm »

I know things have been rather quiet from me lately. I know that people come here looking for great articles and tips or for new releases of my software. Both are on the way. The reason why things are rather quiet is because I am busy educating myself on a couple of topics the major one of which is Oracle. I've been using Oracle for a number of years now and have done many queries over the years, but once I got my hands on the Tom Kyte book which opened my eyes of how limited my knowledge was of Oracle I needed to know more on the topic. So I started doing some more reading and discovering many many things that I never knew existed or were there. I have also rewritten a number of queries in some new ways that dropped the costs (and time) of them dramatically because of this effort.

Just to cover two of the basic things that I didn't know before and that are a must for a good Oracle developer (yes you might want to start writing notes):
1. If you use Oracle you MUST use bind variables. Yes the MUST in caps is intentional. There's only a couple of exceptions when you might want to use literals in your query and those would be constants that will NEVER change for those queries.
2. Less is more. I've seen this so many times when people run a query and then iterate over a result either filtering things or doing more queries on other columns and tables. Doing this in a loop means that Oracle gets flooded with a ton of queries which is a bad thing for many reasons. (ask me and I'll do a separate post on this) Also don't do SELECT * FROM t if you don't need ALL columns. Don't do things just because or in case you need them later.

I can probably do a much larger post, but i'd rather keep it short and leave some more stuff for later. I am also curious if anybody is interested in the topic. Do post feedback and ask for tips and stuff, this will let me plan things a little better and provide the information that you are looking for.

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