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Author Topic: NYPHP user group meeting: MySQL and SUN  (Read 46410 times)
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« on: March 26, 2008, 04:12:51 pm »

The last NYPHP user group meeting was about MySQL and SUN merger. I was quite excited since I managed to miss the last NY MYSQL user group meeting because of prior commitment. It was nice to see Phillip come in to speak to the PHP crowd about MySQL. Somehow the turn out wasn't as a big of a group as some of the prior meetings. I was quite surprised since I assumed that quite a few PHP developers use MySQL for some of their projects. Overall it was an interesting meeting with a nice discussion going after the slides were done. There were also quite a few questions pertaining to MySQL and some of the things that we can expect in later MySQL releases including 5.1 and the big 6.0.

Another interesting item was to see how things have changed so far since the acquisition. One item that was new to me was that (this is a little known fact) that Sun has quite a few engineers who have been doing database development and optimizations for Solaris platform for a long time now. It also seems that Sun helped Oracle to optimize Oracle on the Sun Solaris platform. Most of the contributions in this area came from Sun engineers. Now Sun has added 70 Sun engineers to the existing MySQL staff in order to move the product forward. This is really exciting news to see Sun provide such a team of engineers to backup their acquisition. This is definitely something I'll be watching closely.

Solaris now being open sourced and adapting a brand new packaging system that's being developed by the creator of Debian is another hot item. Does that mean that open source Solaris will be as easy to use as Ubuntu? Only time will tell. The other hot topic is ZFS in combination with MySQL. There have been a few articles posted on the subject and ZFS has a great list of features that as far as I know hasn't been matched by any other file system. The only down side is that Solaris is now the 3rd supported platform so there's room for improvement there. It's also a gap that I am sure Sun will want to fill quickly to bring their platform up to par to the top two supported platforms.

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