Win32Whois - Changelog

Version 0.9.14:

+ Added better handling of .ae TLD
+ Added .asia and .me support
+ Updated a number of TLDs.

Version 0.9.13:

+ Added .mobi TLD
x Fixed handling of and domains.
x Added time-out support. This should prevent win32whois from hanging.
x Code cleanup.

Version 0.9.12:

x Updated handling of .ar, .ee and .my domains.

Version 0.9.11:

+ Added optional RWhois support (Experimental).
x Fixed Proxy dialog handling. It should be modal now and should use proper font.
x Huge update of internal TLDs.

Version 0.9.10:

+ Added,,,,,,, and TLDs
+ Added,, and TLDs
x Trying to fix some small parsing issues.

Version 0.9.9:

+ Added .eu TLD.
x Fixed an ugly bug in proxy handling. It should now be working again.
x Fixed handling of * based domains.
x Renamed HTTP to HTTPS in the proxy settings since we only use HTTPS Connect method.
x Added a timeout to our requests. If we don't receive a response within 10 seconds we timeout.
x You should now be able to cancel the process. (Previous code wasn't very reliable)
x Updated .tr TLD information.

Version 0.9.8:

+ Added .io TLD.
+ Added .my - Malaysian TLD.
+ Added a menu to clear history (clears the dropdown list).
x Fixed handling of based domains.
x Fixed parsing of e-mail addresses.
x Various other small cleanups/fixes.

Version 0.9.7:

x Fixing parsing for and based domains.
x Fixed detection of whois server.
x Fixed parsing/detection of e-mail addresses.
x Various other small cleanups/fixes.

Version 0.9.6:

x File->Save now defaults to My Documents (per XP specs).
x Fixed hostname parsing in order to improve guessing the domain name. (Should fix hostnames)
x Other small fixes and code cleanup.

Version 0.9.5:

+ Added code to be Windows XP compliant. It will read/write to user's Application directory if win32whois.ini
is not found in the same directory as win32whois.exe
+ Updated kz domain whois server [I wasn't able to test it, but it's the one provided by the TLD]
x Fixed WordWrap, wasn't setting it properly on startup.
x Fixed various focus issues. Hopefully found all of them.
x Results parsing performance improvements.
x Code cleanup: removing some unused variables and rewriting some internal pieces.
x Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Version 0.9.4:

+ Now sets focus to the results section so you could scroll using keyboard.
+ Added WordWrap.
x Fixed a bug with SOCKS5 Authentication.
x Cleanup output.
x Code cleanup and fixed a few small bugs.

Version 0.9.3:

+ Added Go button.
+ Added Windows XP Theme support.
+ Added Basic HTTP and SOCKS4a/5 proxy authentication.
+ Added "Resolve hostname through proxy".
+ Now changes the window title to reflect the search string.
x Fixed synchronization of checked domains when multiple instances of win32whois are running.
x Fixed various small bugs.
x Cleaned up output parsing.

Version 0.9.2:

+ Added basic HTTP/Socks4/Socks5 Proxy support [w/ debug]
x Fixed a typo in the name of the polish whois server.

Version 0.9.1:

+ Added vertical scrollbar to the dropdown window.
+ Increased the size of the dropdown.
+ Code cleanup. Less code, smaller exe. :)
+ Added ".tv" TLD.
+ Added support for <TAB> key which now changes focus between the domain name and results.
+ ALT+Space now works again.

Version 0.9:

+ Improved information display.
+ You can now disable Domain, Reverse IP and Abuse information retrieval.
+ Better handling of the recent domains/ips list.
+ Added win32whois.ini file support to store the configuration and last used list. (up to 100)
+ Updated list of TLD servers.
+ Removed the code dependant on IPHLPAPI. That DLL is not used/needed any more.
+ About dialog code cleanup.
+ Improved server parsing and error reporting. Should resolve some of the reported issues.

Version 0.8:

x Fixed DNS Server handling.
x Fixed About dialog.
+ Added reporting of DNS Server.
+ Cleaned up initial output a little.
+ Updated the whois server for ".sa" domains.

Version 0.7:

x Fixed a crash in the DNS client parser.
x Fixed handling of IP addresses.
+ Updated the whois server for ".org" domain.

Version 0.6:

+ Added e-mail address detection code.
+ Added simple DNS client code in order to improve actual domain detection code.
+ Added support for showing what this host is an alias to.
+ Added whitespace stripping code.
+ Added simple URL parsing.
+ Major code cleanup/rewrite.
+ Number of new bugs fixed/introduced.

Version 0.5:

+ Added simple colors for different types of information.
+ Added Right Click menu. (Copy/Select+All)
+ Added File->Save feature.
+ Added code to get the abuse information for a domain.

Version 0.4:

+ Updated internal TLD list. (Added some new top level domains)
x Fixed an command-line parsing bug.

Version 0.3:

+ Added command-line support. (lets your specify domain or ip on the command-line)
+ Added support for IP addresses.
+ Added support for unsigned long for of IP address.
x Fixed a number of bugs.

Version 0.2:

+ Major rewrite of the GUI and the back-end code.
+ A number of new TLD domains added/updated.
+ Added a few special options for specific WHOIS servers.
x Fixed TCP/IP request to be WHOIS protocol compliant. (Prior version was broken and would not work with a number of servers)

Version 0.1:

* First public release