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Title: The last day of PHP4
Post by: Gena01 on August 08, 2008, 07:04:11 pm
Today is the day that PHP4 is finally put to rest. There have also been numerous posts on the subject so I'll try to keep this short.

PHP4 is something I have been using for what seems now a very very long time (~6 years?). It has been an interesting and exciting experience.

Having to go through the exercise of transitioning from PHP4 to PHP5 was also something quite more painful that it should have been. PHP Architect has run a two part series on the PHP4 to 5 migration in the latest issues of their magazine in preparation of this day. The author covers quite a lot of material. I was lucky enough not to run into some of these issues. The two most painful things that I had to deal with was XML and OOP migration. Object copy becoming a reference copy which starts to wreck havoc without any warnings is a rather big item in my mind. Overall PHP5 is great and has a ton of great stuff. I'll try to blog about some of the new features in the future.

An aggregate post that links to some of the blog entries by the PHP community on the topic can be found here:

The community is taking time to reflect and move on. Change is good...