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Title: NY MySQL User Group Meeting: MySQL 5.1
Post by: Gena01 on July 09, 2008, 10:23:12 am
This was an exciting topic that I was patiently waiting for. I wasn't disappointed. The presentation was great covering many topics with examples. The room was packed almost till the end. Somebody also suggested looking for another venue that could fit more people.

Some things that were mentioned:
1. Partitioning is a big item that's coming in 5.1. Supposedly it's better than other vendors. Also by the vote of hands it seems that not a lot of people know or use it. There are some limitations though related to indexes.
2. Scheduler inside the database. This one is quite nice, esp for remote DBAs.
3. Performance improvements. This one is probably a regular thing, because there's many areas that are not yet up to par.
4. MySQL Cluster has a separate release cycle and a ton of new functionality. Also seems that not many heard or used it.
5. XML & XPath support in the core.
6. Archive engine enhancements. This one I am not familiar with and was a great thing to hear about. It's optimized for I/O rather than SELECTS. So it's very high performance for inserts/updates. Note: Doesn't support DELETE. SELECTs might run a lot slower though. However it should be possible to combine this with partitioning?
7. Row replication support. I thought we already had this? Row replication is how a lot of databases do replication and at times is a more efficient way of replicating updates vs running the SQL queries again on all the slaves.

Ronald Bradford ( was also there and provided a lot of technical background and information as well. Overall a great meeting with a ton of people and lots of great information.

P.S. The slides were also posted on the meetup files section: