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Title: OCI 1.2.5 or upgrading Oracle Instant Client
Post by: Gena01 on May 13, 2008, 07:58:55 pm
OCI 1.2.5 was released recently and has an impressive list of fixes. One of the most important items for me was the support for RPM installs and 64-bit RPMs.

What that means in plain English: You can now grab RPMs from Oracle website for Oracle Instant Client. Install them as you normally would and then do pear install pecl/oci8 and just say instantclient and be done with it.

I actually tested this today on my development box at work. I did it as an upgrade though. The whole process now takes less than 2 minutes and I'll describe it here.

NOTE: I assume you already have Oracle Instant Client setup and configured. If not then see Part 1 ( and  Part 2 (

1. Do pear upgrade pecl/oci8.
2. You will be prompted with an option to provide instant client lib directory:
   a. enter 1 - NOTE: Don't select autodetect as this never worked for me.
   b. enter instantclient.
   c. press Enter to continue.
3. At this point it should combine and install the

I noticed one weird thing on my box. I got a segmentation fault at the end of the install process. I restarted apache (service httpd restart) and things seem to work fine.