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Title: RichEdit alternative
Post by: Zann on November 02, 2003, 06:38:18 am
Hi Gena,

I've been using win32pad for quite some time now, awesome prog, man.

Just wondering - have you seen Scintilla ? It seems like more and more developers prefer it to RichEdit every day, especially for code editors and such. Take a look over at Migrating towards it may bring even more speed and stability to win32pad - especially when dealing with large files.

And thanks for win32pad again, it rocks!

Title: RichEdit alternative
Post by: Gena01 on November 02, 2003, 10:26:20 am
I have seen scintilla. Actually it is using richedit control, or could be compiled to use it. I am not sure at this point if i'll use it though. I have been thinking of dropping richedit control. I have seen various issues for a number of years with it now. I am thinking of writing my own class to handle it though. But then again it's writing an editor from scratch. Which in some way is a good thing, because I can write it without all the bloat and just the way to fit perfectly with the whole editor maybe even syntax highlighting paradigm. The only issues I see is if I start with it, then I'll need to start 2.x series from scratch, which could take a considerate amount of time to release a stable version or a number of releases for it to become stable.