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Title: Making a translation (let's make it a FAQ)
Post by: myroslava on October 07, 2004, 03:53:53 am

I find win32pad really useful where replacing notepad is concerned. Thank you, Gena. For all those other features that users here are requesting, you need a more complex (and larger) application, like PsPad.

Now I get to my point.

I translated win32pad for my personal use into Ukrainian, and did it with Resource Hacker. Though the license says I cannot modify the program in ANY way. Sorry, I think I violated it, but I see here that users are making translations, and I just wonder how they did it, because there is no info on win32pad homepage on how to do it in other ways than modifying the executable.

Also, I committed this crime only on the program executable itself (from the archive). I didn't try it yet, but I would just like to know whether, to translate the setup, both the installer and the hidden-inside executable can be translated with ResHacker.

Or maybe there is another, license-compliant way. ;)

Thanks in advance.