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Title: feature request - color selected text
Post by: cobler on October 12, 2008, 06:41:36 pm

Winpad32 is a great editor - it does all but one thing for me - I find it helpful to sometimes make only some text a different color.

Unless I'm missing something, it looks as if that is not possible in Winpad32 - could it be made possible?

There's a similar text editor called Notehalf in which any selected text can be made in a choice of colours?

Any chance that can/could be done in Winpad32? - such a facility would make it the PERFECT Notepad/Text editor/source viewer, for me.

NOT SO important but a button for color selection on the tool bar would be very helpful? Can that be done?

If I knew anything about programming I would offer to do it myself for you. No a big deal as I cant - still the offer is genuine.

Thanks for any help