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Title: Bug in Selection Start
Post by: dwalker59 on January 17, 2007, 05:18:21 pm
When you start at character 1 of a file, and select one character, the status bar says:

Selection Start: 0 End: 1  Len: 1

The selection start is really 1, and the end is 1, for a length of 1.  The selection start is off by 1.

Similarly, if you put the cursor before the 10th character, the status bar correctly says Col: 10 Line: 1.

If you then select one character (with shift-right arrow), the Selection Start incorrectly changes to 9.  The status bar says Selection start: 9 End: 10 Len: 1.  It *should* say Selection start: 10 End: 10 Len: 1

Other than that, it's a great product!

Is there any way, if I'm in, say, line 95783 of a file, and make a selection, to have it tell me the selection start and end *within that record of the file*?


David Walker