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Title: Protocols to add/support
Post by: on October 09, 2001, 07:39:15 pm
I am also thinking of making the product flexible enough to be able to add other protocols other than HTTP and FTP. Which would also mean that integration might be different if other protocols would be handled by win32get. (TFTP? and others.. at this point I am analyzing various protocols to add and I am open to suggestions) My problem at this point is that it's easy to add URL based protocols.

Even for example edonkey2000 could be integrated since it has a URL based mechanism. Actually the Edonkey2000 url format is:
 ed2k://|<filename>|<filesize|<file hash key>|

One protocol is TFTP... any others? I am also open to suggestions on adding File Sharing protocols. The problem with them is that you need to be able to do Searches and then select file(s) to download. I am still thinking the layout for doing searches. People might want to search a specific "protocol"/service for files... or search ALL of 'em for a file. hmm....that could get complicated... any ideas?