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Title: Small update
Post by: Gena01 on October 31, 2007, 12:06:13 pm
I know things have been quiet. Just been quite busy with various things. Some of those I am planning to blog about. I am also glad to hear some feedback on the last blog topic it seems that lots of people found it a nice list of tools and asked for more blog posts of the same sort. It also seems that there are two kinds of audiences here: those who love and want the tools and whose who love and want to use cool web packages and projects and use them on their website. I haven't made up my mind since I kinda do a bit of both.

On a separate topic I thought about posting up more technical articles (advanced level stuff) on PHP and Oracle. It seems that some people have asked me to post up some of that stuff (maybe I've been hanging out on #phpc way too long). So I'll see about posting stuff up that would satisfy some of the requests I've received.