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Title: NYC MySQL meetup
Post by: Gena01 on November 16, 2007, 09:59:23 pm
I had a chance to attend a NYC MYSQL  meetup event this week. Thanks Brian for giving me the heads up on #phpc. It was my first time joining a local group and seeing what it was all about. MYSQL guys didn't show up and asked Hans (of NYPHP fame) to host the meeting which was more of a Q & A session. Another interesting point was that most of the people present were PHP developers. After the main Q & A session people spread out into small groups and had their groups discussions of exchanging background information and just general discussions on various topics. This was a lot of fun and conversations wonders into various topics and discussions.

Here are a couple of things that I mentioned during our face to face discussions:
  • PEAR has two kinds of documentation: manual and api. The PEAR website layout and navigation (which I find weak and very basic) has main manual that covers many packages under main "Documentation (" link. This coontains the tutorials, examples and api (which are tied to some package version??) Yet when I go to the package page and click on Documentation link I am taken to API documentation which lets me pick the current/latest or version specific api documentation that looks different and is independent of the main PEAR manual?
  • There are a number of new functions in PHP5.x releases. Some of them are life savers. Embrace the new functions, stop implementing your own versions:
     - New PHP5 Functions (
     - New PHP5.2 Functions (
  • Eaccelerator ( - this PHP extension is a must have. I have tried some of the others and this is so far the most stable and has the best performance. It's also able to be used as a session handler and has PHP api to do local value caching inside the web server (until apache restart).
  • Xdebug ( - this PHP extension is a MUST for your development and QA environment. This is a powerhouse of an extension that provides profiling, tracing and debugging of your PHP code. I'll try and see if I can provide some more posts and information on this one.

It was nice to meet all you guys and I'll try to attend more events in the near future.