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Title: Firebug 1.2 and beyond
Post by: Gena01 on September 17, 2008, 09:56:09 pm
Firebug has been in active development and has recently reached stable version 1.2.1. If you are using anything lower then 1.2 then I would highly recommend you upgrade to 1.2.1 release which is listed on the site here (

In other news I've been trying to keep on top of things. is back up and running. There's still a broken "blog" link. (Note to self: report this to the firebug developers) The site has gotten a number of updates and now shows links and information about 1.2 release. While checking the site out today I noticed a ton of new information and sections. It has been some time since I visited the site. There's brand new Documentation ( and Extensions ( pages that provide a ton of information and links. There's also a releases page that has links to alpha builds for the brave ones. I just installed 1.3a2 build.

Points of interest:
  • - this is the main Firebug discussion group. It has a lot of activity. It's also where developers interact with the users and announce new releases and bug fixes. It's also the starting point to ask questions before submitting bug reports.
  • - this is the discussion group of the Firebug Working Group (i.e. Firebug core dev team). It has general news items that developers share with the community.
  • - is the official location of Weekly Update meeting reports/summaries. I highly recommend it for those that want to know what's going on and where things are heading.

I am glad to see a lot of activity happening around Firebug. I am also excited to see Mozilla stepping in and offering help with getting better integration between Firefox and Firebug.

P.S. Microsoft has posted a ton of stuff on their Internet Explorer ( 8 progress and is actively integrating Firebug like functionality directly into Internet Explorer 8. They call it Developer Tools ( Some of the interesting items include integrated JavaScript debugging ( and profiling ( support.